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1. Hat Clip

Hats are undoubtedly one of the trickiest items to travel with. One of the best travel gifts I’ve received is the hat clip. This nifty accessory makes sure you never lose your favorite hats collected during your adventures. You simply attach the hat clip to a backpack, purse, or luggage and securely lug your hats from one location to the next.

2. Travel Scale

Overpacking doesn’t serve you well in the #slomad lifestyle. Say goodbye to excess baggage fees and ease the stress by using a travel scale. This has been a game-changer for planning ahead to meet weight guidelines. Before heading to the airport, simply weigh your bags, ensuring you stay within the limits. These travel scales are small, portable, and easy to bring on your travels to weigh bags as you go.

3. Kindle

Another item that I cannot travel without is my Kindle. While I love the feel of real paperback books, I experienced the struggle of carrying a growing collection while traveling. That’s why I now choose to always travel with my Kindle to enjoy adding reading without the extra weight.

4. Travel pillow

One of my favorite in-flight essentials is the inflatable neck pillow. It’s the perfect solution for staying comfortable during long journeys while keeping your travel load light. You can easily deflate it to pack it away and simply reinflate it for neck support when it’s time to rest in-flight.

5. Silk pillowcase

This travel gem that came highly recommended by a former colleague is the silk pillowcase. It offers great comfort, regulates temperature, contains natural proteins beneficial for hair, and is lightweight and easy to pack. I love having this pillowcase with me, especially when frequently changing spaces.

6. Fanny pack

Lulu Fanny Pack: One of my absolute favorite travel companions that I use on the daily is the Lulu fanny pack. This has truly become an essential part of my adventures, keeping everything I need within reach, secure, and organized. It’s super versatile, and I love how I can wear it as a crossbody, keeping my belongings secure and my hands free.

Lemon Crossbody Bag: Looking for another great fanny pack option at a more budget-friendly price? Amazon has another option with a range of colors. It’s a great alternative to the Lulu option and is also water-resistant.

7. Away Carry-On bag

One of my favorite luggage items is the Away Carry-On bag, and I’d say it’s worth the price tag! This bag is lightweight with a durable hard shell and ensures belongings stay safe and secure throughout the travel journey. Additionally, it comes equipped with a TSA-approved combo lock for added peace of mind. The built-in USB charger allows you to keep your devices powered up on the go, and the 360-degree wheels make it easy to jet through airports effortlessly.

8. ZGGCD travel adapter

A reliable travel adapter is an absolute necessity for any remote worker constantly on the move between countries. This adapter is an all-time favorite, working in 150 countries and featuring 4 USB ports – a lifesaver for charging multiple devices at once. I once thought I lost this favorite adapter during an Uber ride, and it hit me just how much I valued it. Thanks to the kind Colombian driver, I later retrieved it and will not leave this one behind again.

9. Airtags

Never lose track of your luggage again with AirTags! These devices are a travel essential for anyone who, like me, easily loses track of their things. Simply place an AirTag inside your suitcase, and you’ll have real-time tracking of your bags.

Thanks to Apple’s Find My Network, you can have peace of mind and easily locate your belongings while traveling.

10. Airpods

When it comes to travel headphones, AirPods top my list for multiple reasons. They offer Bluetooth connectivity and excellent noise-cancellation. They are also compact, lightweight, easy to carry, and you avoid the stress of tangled wires. Just be careful not to drop them in a gutter. Speaking of which, you can find the full story here about an abroad AirPod retrieval miracle that I was lucky to experience

11. Tide to go pen

Are you tired of spills ruining your favorite white outfits during your travels? I know the feeling; I’m the type who spills as soon as I put on white! That’s why I love having a Tide to-go pen on hand. It’s a lightweight, travel-friendly lifesaver that’s easy to pack—no more worries when you encounter small stains and have no access to laundry facilities nearby.

12. Portable charger

The last thing you want to happen in a foreign place is to run out of phone battery when you need it most. That’s where a portable charger becomes an absolute must! With this essential companion, you can confidently charge your devices during day-long adventures or travel time, ensuring you have that extra peace of mind while you’re out exploring the world.

13. Backpacks

Matein backpack

Over the past three years, this backpack has served me well as my primary remote work and travel backpack. It includes a dedicated laptop pocket, USB charging port, and multiple pockets for storage, including an anti-theft back pocket.

Lifepack backpack

I’m ready to upgrade my remote work and travel backpack after the Lifepack was shared with me this past week. While it may be on the pricier side, it perfectly accommodates the needs of a remote worker and digital nomad– ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle.

14. Laptop stands

Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand

This affordable laptop stand option is lightweight, adjustable, and ergonomic. The aluminum material and open design allows for airflow to prevent overheating. Plus, it’s foldable and portable for remote workers on the move.

Nextstand K1 laptop stand

This laptop stand features a unique carbon fiber frame, making it ultra-lightweight, compact, and portable. It’s an ideal solution for remote workers working from home, or on the move.

Weighing only 157 grams, it easily fits in bags and unfolds for use. Designed for optimal ergonomics, it offers 7 height-adjustable options, reducing strain on the neck, back, and shoulders.

15. Travel cable organizer

Staying organized while working and traveling can be a challenge, especially with numerous cords and devices to manage. That’s where a cord organizer comes in handy; it ensures all your important cords and devices stay neatly organized while you’re on the move, helping you avoid tangled cables and keeping everything in its place.

16. Packing cubes

I love using compression packing cubes of various sizes to stay organized and pack more efficiently. Check out these compression packing cubes: simply pack your items first and then zip them up to compress and save space.

17. Laneige Lip Balm

This is a favorite lip balm to have on my travels. I use it as a daily lip balm rather than a night sleeping mask. It intensely soothes, hydrates, and moisturizes while also adding a nice glossy touch.

18. Collapsible coffee mug/cup

This compact coffee mug/cup can collapse down to 2 inches and handles both hot and cold liquids. It’s lightweight, space-saving, and is also an eco-friendly choice for sustainable travelers.

19. Yogo yoga mat

I love to find yoga on my travels, but I haven’t loved lugging a yoga mat through airports. This is an ultralight and portable mat that also maintains grip. It’s easy to pack and carry while on the travels. As an added bonus, your purchase supports a great cause—every purchase plants a tree for a good cause.

20. Vlirka shoe hook on

Looking to save space in your luggage? This shoe holster allows you to clip a pair onto a backpack or luggage and lighten your checked load. This is a great hack for hiking shoes that can be heavy to lug.

21. Travel sunglasses holder

We’ve got the hat clip, the shoe hook on, and now we’ve got the sunglasses holder. For someone who has lost countless pairs on her travels, this is a handy item.

The magnetic holder can be clipped onto a backpack, purse, pocket, or wherever you need to keep track of your sunglasses.

22. Portable umbrella

If I could count the number of times I needed and bought a new umbrella upon arriving at a new destination. Being prepared for all types of weather and seasons is crucial during the travels. The Repel umbrella is windproof, lightweight, and compact, making it easy to pack and lug on your travels.

23. Portable steamer

This travel steamer is dual voltage, compact, and can be easily packed.

Packing and unpacking frequently can cause clothes to wrinkle easily, and not all accommodations come equipped with irons. This lightweight travel steamer is great to have on the travels to quickly de-wrinkle clothes.

24. Eversnug travel blanket & pillow

This travel set easily attaches to your suitcase or backpack and allows for use as a blanket or a pillow for in-flight comfort.

25. Jersey silk eye mask

Eye masks are always a smart addition to your travel essentials, whether you’re on flights or changing accommodations. This is a budget-friendly eye mask that is silk, lightweight, and machine washable. I spotted it in a recent list by Travel & Leisure of the best sleep masks.

26. Anker Mini Speaker

This powerful Bluetooth speaker is compact, lightweight, and provides up to 15 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. Great to have to enjoy your favorite music wherever you are.

27. Melsbrinna Passport Cover

With the increasing amount of travel documentation to keep track of these days, it’s essential to stay organized and secure while on the go. This travel holder allows you to store credit cards, IDs, passports, SIM cards, and even includes a larger slot for boarding passes. It even has RFID-blocking material inside, specifically designed to block RFID signals of 13.56 MHz or higher and protect our important private information.

28. First aid kit

Having a first aid kit on hand is always a wise decision. Johnson & Johnson offers this travel-size kit, making it easy to carry on your travels.

29. In-flight phone holder

This In-Flight Phone Holder allows you to mount your phone on luggage, tray tables, etc, for easy travel/in-flight entertainment.

30. Cincha travel belt

The travel belt allows you to secure your personal bag to your carry-on for ease of handling through airports.

They also have a fun color selection to choose from.

31. Reimot Carry On Cup Holder

I recently discovered this game-changing travel item that keeps your drinks secure while rushing through the airport.

No need to worry about dropping water bottles or coffee spills while running to catch flights.

32. Aeropress Original Coffee Press

The Aeropress is the ultimate travel coffee maker since it is both compact and efficient.  With this item, you can lighten your luggage without sacrificing the quality of your on-the-go coffee.

33. Everlasting Comfort Airplane Footrest – Ergonomic

Enduring long-distance flights can take a toll on your feet. However, this footrest, equipped with memory foam, provides you the opportunity to rest your feet, preventing you from cramps, swelling, and discomfort. It’s also designed to be lightweight and compact, to travel with ease.

34. KOSIN Safe Sound Alarm

Your safety is paramount, especially when traveling in new and unfamiliar places.

This compact, powerful device is capable of emitting a loud, attention-grabbing sound that can be heard at distances of up to 606.9 feet. The ear-piercing sound can last up to 50-minutes. It offers practical and reliable security to have on hand as you travel to new destinations.

35. Cadence Travel Capsules

Skip the plastic miniatures for your shampoo and body wash—grab some spill-proof travel capsules instead to bring your favorite stuff on the move. Whether it’s your go-to toiletries, beauty faves, or even just your daily vitamins or even jewelry. They’ve got you covered without the hassle.

36. Portable Small Lock

Hands up if you also hate getting to an Airbnb or hotel and not finding a safe!

This lockbox is a great solution for safeguarding your valuables on the go! This compact safe offers reliable protection for your belongings as it can be securely attached to a fixed object with a cable, ensuring an extra layer of security.

It’s ideal for smartphones, passports, cash, and credit cards.

37. Travel Heating Pad

Have you ever needed a quick solution to soothe cramps or muscle pains while traveling?! I sure did, and that’s why I added this USB-powered gem to my travel items during my recent visit to the US.

I love how this heating pad is compact and heats quickly. You can get your muscle relief without adding extra weight to your load. 

Stay tuned! This list will be constantly updated for new items.

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Please be advised this blog contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission on purchases made. Rest assured; this comes at no additional cost to you. Please also note that I only recommend products that I believe in and feel would bring value to you.

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