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Are you ready to leap into a fulfilling career, find work that lights you up, travel with intention, or design a lifestyle that truly feels authentic to you? I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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Every individual is capable of creating a life full of passion, joy and fulfillment. And the change starts now. We often let our fear of failure and judgment hold us back from pursuing our dreams... It can be overwhelming and daunting to start this journey - I’ve been there.

My mission as your coach is to support you as you take the time to show up and empower yourself to make the moves necessary to build a remote career & lifestyle that you love. 

If you're ready, I'm here to take you deeper.

If you're looking to craft the lifestyle you desire, you're in the right place. 

Supporting you in the transition to your most authentic + fulfilling remote lifestyle and the personal transformation that follows.

What ( do...

I’m here to tell you that the leap is always worth it! I started my journey in recruiting, project management and HR, supporting companies with everything from the hiring process, role creation and setting salary bands, to improving internal employee happiness and fulfillment in the workplace. But, my story really began when I took the leap and left my 9-5 and the corporate world behind, to head on a 1-month (turned 3-month) solo backpacking adventure… which transformed into cultivating a fully remote lifestyle abroad. Since that first leap, the journey has been more beautiful and magical than I could have ever imagined. 

Client Testimonials


- meghan m, 1:1 client

“I highly recommend Kristin Vierra to anyone who thinks they might need a little help or advice navigating career and life transitions. Her style blends big-picture questions with practical advice, like a therapist who edits your resume. You’ll come out of a session with Kristin feeling positive, with a list of next steps and edited deliverables, and she’ll keep you accountable as you work toward your goals.
Bonus – Kristin has deep expertise in remote work, a transition many of us suddenly found ourselves navigating in 2020, which will continue to influence the future of work. Kristin also happens to be an empathetic and all-around awesome person who has made some pretty amazing leaps of her own, traveling the world and inspiring others.

I combine my expertise from coaching accreditation programs, background in HR, recruiting, and project management, and my 4+ years of coaching experience to create a safe and supportive space to hold you accountable to your dreams. If your intuition is urging you to create a change in your life - don't silence it! Let’s decipher what your inner voice is telling you and take intentional action toward a life you love. It's time to tune in and listen.

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Travel the world, 
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