I'm a Digital Nomad Career and Lifestyle Coach. My mission as a coach is to help empower you to trust yourself, take action and create the remote lifestyle of your dreams. I'm here to serve as your accountability partner and support system every step of the way. No matter where you are on your remote journey, I’m here to help you build and live out this beautiful, adventurous lifestyle, supporting you through the growth and transformation that follows. 

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We like to think we can handle it all alone. I look back on my journey of building a remote lifestyle and settling in abroad wishing I had support and guidance. The rollercoaster job search, span of emotions and loneliness embarking on the journey solo was extremely challenging. I want you to feel differently.

You don't have to do it alone.

 Consider this next phase in your life as a blank canvas where you're the artist crafting the masterpiece. I'm here to provide the space, accountability, guidance and support to help you get clear on this dream vision and bring the painting to life in vivid colors. 

You're so worthy and capable of creating the lifestyle of your dreams. But if you're anything like me, you could use some support to make your dreams a reality.

Processing the personal growth and transformation that comes with travel.

travel transformation

Support with transitioning and settling into the nomadic lifestyle.

Digital nomad transition 

Support to find aligned opportunites and navigate remote work.

Remote work



- Career coaching (specializing in remote work)
- Nomadic lifestyle #slomad transition coaching
- Remote work and travel transition support
- International job-search support
- Travel and personal transformation 
- Intentional lifestyle design
- Redefining success
- Boundary setting
- Values alignment

I started my coaching career as a Life & Career Coach with Ama La Vida before transitioning into a remote career & lifestyle focus.


My coaching specialties include:

Feel stuck and crave change of scenery and location

Are fearful of embarking on the travels alone and are seeking support/guidance

Dream to travel and work remotely but are afraid and unsure of where to start

Feel ready to ditch 9-5 cubicle life to pursue a fully remote career with more freedom & flexibility

You're in the right place if you:

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We often get so caught up in our busy schedules and the grind of life that we end up losing sight of our own wants and needs. I’m here to help you get clear on your desires and empower you to show up for yourself as you build the remote lifestyle of your dreams.

I believe every individual is capable of creating a life they don’t need a vacation from, full of fulfillment and joy

My Coaching Approach

She has coached me through negotiating an improved package in a new role and personally navigating the turbulence of a pandemic. Kristin has a knack of asking questions to get me to reflect on old problems in new ways, she keeps me focused when I wander off topic and has a knack of reflecting back my own words in such a way as to reveal things I don’t even realise I’ve said. Her manner is patient and kind and I have always felt safe discussing life and career decisions with her during a period of great personal and global uncertainty."

"Kristin has supported me in making some big decisions in the last few months, including moving to a new city and reconsidering my career path. 

1:1 Coaching client

Philippa F

She really got me to think critically and arrive at the best solutions to my problems, and having her by my side as I got used to my new lifestyle was invaluable. I would recommend Kristin to anybody living, or wanting to live, the nomadic lifestyle!" 

"I was just transitioning into a nomadic lifestyle when I was introduced to Kristin. She was so helpful in navigating such a huge life change, and was patient with me even though my plans seemed to change every 10 minutes. 

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