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I'm here to tell you that taking the leap is always worth it! Read on to find out why...

After minoring in Spanish and not studying abroad in college, I had a continuous itch to get out of the United States, and start traveling. I spent the last two years of my time living in San Francisco feeling stuck and craving change. I wanted it so badly, but was terrified to make any moves. 

Yet…I always had the travel itch.

Ok, let's rewind ....

I was born and raised in Northern California and headed south to attend UC Santa Barbara, where I studied Business Economics and Accounting.

After graduating, I spent several years living in San Francisco, CA. During my time in SF, I dealt with early career burnout and went through a large career change guided by a coach. This transition led me to spend several years working in the HR space in Silicon Valley tech. My love for people and supporting their happiness and fulfillment in the workplace made this an excellent fit.

While this opportunity should have felt in alignment, there was still something missing. Then, two random yet synchronistic conversations with friends about travel gifted me an A HA moment. I knew what was missing, and I was ready to finally make a change.

My story really began the moment I took the leap. I left my 9-5, put my things in storage,  and headed on a 1-month (turned 3-month) solo backpacking adventure.

So in 2017, I decided to leave my job, pack up my apartment, put everything in storage and head on a solo backpacking trip through Central America. I started in Guatemala and what was supposed to be one month turned into three months of life-changing and transformative travel. I learned more about myself in those three months than I had in years of living in San Francisco. The travel addiction began, along with my desire to coach and support others to get unstuck and create meaningful change in their lives.

I hit a pivotal moment where i finally went for it. it was time to take the leap.

Inner Journey

During my two years in Argentina, I officially left the 9-5 cubicle life for good. I knew I needed the flexibility to travel and experience all of the beauty South America had to offer. In parallel, a series of large life and career transitions were inspiring me to start my coaching journey. I worked hard to find a remote role (before remote work was a global reality), started a coaching certification and began helping local candidates to navigate the job search process. By the end of 2019, I had intentionally created a fully remote lifestyle.


After returning to the US, I couldn’t shake the travel itch. I craved exploring foreign lands, cultures, the Spanish language and the growth that came with it.

So four years ago, I hustled to find a role that allowed me to move abroad and took another huge leap moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was going alone without ever having visited the country, but it just felt RIGHT. My intention was to keep exploring Latin America, gain Spanish fluency, and grow and expand my mindset while immersing myself into a new culture.

That was when I finally jumped into the pilot’s seat of my life and started to own my story...but that was only the first leap.

It's not about checking places off of a list; It's about how each destination becomes a part of us.

You can too.

There are no words to describe the spectrum of emotions and personal change experienced moving abroad and settling into a foreign country alone. I look back on my move to Argentina, wishing I had a coach to support me through the loneliness and change. I felt like friends and family back home couldn’t understand or help me through the challenges and internal changes I was experiencing.

You don't have to do it alone.

Travel, and the personal transformation that comes with it have been at the core of my journey and growth as a person and coach. Travel is such a powerful resource to learn more about the world and also ourselves. I moved abroad with the mantra, 'finding comfort in discomfort', and have carried it forward ever since. Beautiful growth and expansion follow when you journey into the unknown and step out of your comfort zone.

Movement is key.

One thing my journey has taught me is the ability to create change through movement. "Nothing changes if nothing changes" is one of my favorite quotes. Even the smallest intentional move, step or action makes a difference in working towards your goals. I'm here to equip you with the resources to build self-trust, confidence and feel empowered to make moves and build the work/travel lifestyle you desire, while experiencing all of the beauty, magic and transformation it offers.

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closed mindsets
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Favorite words of wisdom 

“One of the best things you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself.”

— jen sincero


“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

— marie forleo

“Everything is figureoutable.”

“Surrendering is the free-falling backwards into the unknown and trusting that The Universe will catch you.”

— jen sincero

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