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Travel with Purpose: 5 Tips for Intentionally Planning Destinations in a Remote Lifestyle

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Intention setting is about living more consciously. It involves getting clear on what you want to create, expressing it to the universe, and allowing it to support you. It also requires taking aligned action to live in alignment with your desires.

What is a goal versus an intention?

A goal is a desired outcome that an individual aims to achieve. It represents a specific target or objective and is typically characterized by its concreteness, measurability, and a clear endpoint. A goal serves as a specific desired outcome that is achieved through a planned series of steps or actions to be accomplished. It provides direction and focus, guiding an individual to their desired result.

An intention, on the other hand, is the motivation or purpose behind an action or decision. An intention reflects an attitude, mindset, or desired state. It’s typically more abstract, less clearly defined, and more subjective in comparison to goals. Yet, it is also so powerful! It reflects the ‘why’ behind a decision, the energy you bring, and it can guide your choices, interactions, mindset, and overall approach to being.

In a remote lifestyle, you can travel with greater purpose and meaning by intentionally planning your destinations to best support your current season, personal and professional growth.

Here are 5 tips for intentionally planning destinations in a remote lifestyle :

1. Reflect on your current personal intentions.

Set aside time for reflection and introspection around your current areas of growth and the desired outcomes you seek in your upcoming destination. Consider the following questions to support your process:

  • What are your current goals? For example, do you want to learn a new language, pursue a passion or hobby, focus on your career growth and passion projects, or be part of a specific community?
  • How do you want to show up? Who do you want to be? What do you want to represent?
  • Consider your current life season: Are you in a season of introversion or extroversion? A season of busyness or slowing down?
  • What do you want to gain from the destination? How do you want to grow?
  • What do you want to give back to the destination? What impact do you want to leave behind?

2. Based on your reflection, write down 3-5 intentions you have for the new destination.

After reflecting, write out your intentions so they are clear to you. This act of writing them out is a powerful way of communicating with yourself and declaring to the universe your intentions and desires.

Here are some examples to support you:

  • Balancing work, learning Spanish, and immersing in the local culture.
  • Achieving a balanced lifestyle with morning surf sessions and afternoon workflow.
  • Prioritizing time in nature to recharge while also seeking opportunities to forge deeper connections and contribute to the local community.
  • Creating space for focus, introspection and self-discovery in a serene and budget-friendly destination in natural beauty.

Note: Let your intentions flow from the heart. Don’t overthink or be hypercritical. There is no right or wrong way to set intentions; it is guided by intuition.

 3. Research destinations that align with your intentions.

Use resources like Google search,, Reddit threads/forums, and join expat/nomadic Facebook groups to research potential destinations.

Here are some questions to support to ensure the location is aligned:

  • Does the location match your current intentions?
  • Do you have any time zone constraints?
  • What are the Visa requirements? What is the allowable length of stay?
  • Do you have seasonal preferences?
  • What are your budget constraints?

It’s important that the destination you choose aligns with your desired intentions.

4. Select your destination, book the ticket and plan accordingly!

It’s time to bring these intentions to life! Once you’ve intentionally chosen your destination, book your flight, accommodations, and plan/prepare accordingly. Get excited about your next adventure and prepare to embark on a journey filled with new experiences, opportunities, and growth.

5. Revisit often and stay open.

Remember to revisit your intentions regularly and stay clear, but avoid becoming too attached. Be open to the possibility of your intentions evolving as other opportunities may arise.

Lastly, keep in mind that setting intentions doesn’t necessarily require changing cities or countries. You can live more intentionally wherever you are. The key is to get clear on your intentions, express them to the universe, and take aligned action to live in harmony.

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