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“Kristin is an amazing coach who is supportive but also keeps me accountable, She is great at asking questions to make me think in a different way. I have done career coaching before but feel I made so much more progress this time. Kristin doesn’t use a one size fits all approach and was very flexible to adapt to my situation. Thank you Kristin for your support and wisdom.” -Molly T

"Kristin is a fantastic coach who has helped me navigate finding a full-time job in the middle of a pandemic after three years of searching. Always empathetic, Kristin has helped me discover my passions, held me accountable to my creative goals, and offered countless resources on job hunting, salary negotiations, management, and many more. It’s because of her I was able to negotiate a $50,000+ raise within the span of seven months. She’s also been supportive and understanding of the impact my mental health has on my job and life and has given me many tools and techniques to help me fight burnout and find the right balance."- Emilie L

Client testimonials 

"Kristin has been an insightful and patient guide, helping me to navigate a difficult career journey. She understands the challenges faced by an international professional managing a life across two continents and that has proven to be really helpful." - Dimitria C