Travel Deeper Series Day 5 (What is Deeper Travel)

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, Travel Deeper
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Day 5 ✈️✨

It’s the finale of a week of deeper travel shares. Today I’m sharing some final reflections around traveling deeper.

This lifestyle is not about cocktails and laptops by the pool in foreign lands. True, it’s a luxury it can include.

Yet, it’s so much more than the glamourized working and vacationing in foreign lands.

This lifestyle is about the privilege of experiencing foreign destinations.

✨ It’s the change, growth, and opening of the mind to the world that comes from each place.

✨ It’s learning & experiencing new ways of living.

✨ It’s hearing people’s stories, fears, biggest dreams+desires from all parts of the globe.

✨ It’s getting to know the local culture and giving back how you can.

✨ It’s treating people with kindness and respect while understanding and being mindful that you are a visitor in their country.

✨ It’s appreciating the unique beauty & experiences each place has to offer.

✨ It’s connecting and learning from each destination and taking a piece of the place with you.

That’s what this lifestyle is for me. 🤍

I want to hear from you, feel free to share what deeper travel is for you, or any thoughts you have in the comments.

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