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Four Ways to Work Remotely

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Remote work allows you to choose where and how you work best. We are all unique in what helps us to stay focused and productive. Remote work empowers you to decide how this looks for you.

One of my favorite things about working remotely is the ability to curate my work environment. I’ve found that changing locations and environments fuels creativity and productivity.

Here are four different ways you can work remotely:

  1. Working from home: You can create a designated workspace in your home to work remotely. Whether it be a home base or an apartment/room on your travels, you can work remotely from home.
  2. Coworking spaces: Most cities have coworking spaces. You can visit these spaces to work and connect with other remote workers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. The options are growing and joining a space is also a great way to gain social interaction, network, and find a like-minded community.
  3. Local cafés– Cafe culture is one of my favorite parts of travel and working remotely. During times without calls, I love to explore the local cafe scene. Do Google research to find cafes in your area to work remotely. It’s essential to ensure they have stable wifi, outlets and are remote work-friendly. Here is a recent share of my favorite cafes to explore when traveling in Buenos Aires.
  4. Coworking meetups– On my travels, I’ve met friends in each city where we arrange our own coworking meetups. We pick an apartment, cafe, or coworking space to meet and work together. This can often turn into masterminds and group accountability sessions. You can arrange these meetups by picking a location, organizing a group, and gathering to work together.

Resources for coworking :

  • WeWork: A great membership option for coworking spaces spanning 77 cities across 23 countries.
  • Spaces: Offers office space, coworking membership, or dedicated desks with 450 locations across the globe.
  • Offers a Global Pass, which gives access to more than 5,000 coworking spaces across 138 countries, with a single global membership.
  • Coworking Map: To identify coworking spaces across the globe.

The benefit of these options is that you can gain inspiration, focus, and productivity by shifting work environments.

You can also connect with inspiring people from all over the globe.

And have the opportunity to explore some beautiful local or foreign workspaces.

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