My Top Cafes to Work Remotely from in Buenos Aires

My Top Cafes to Work Remotely from in Buenos Aires
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When I moved to Buenos Aires, one of the first things I fell in love with was the local cafe scene.

After going fully remote in 2019, a highlight was being able to explore and work from its beautiful local cafes. Traveling to different Latin cities and returning, I can say that no other city has quite matched the cafe culture here.

Below I’m sharing my top cafes to work from remotely in Buenos Aires. Be advised that these cafes are located mainly in the neighborhood of Palermo, but there are many other beautiful areas to explore. See my notes below, including links and locations, to visit on your travels.

Here are my top cafes to work remotely from in Buenos Aires:

1. ) Vive Café

This is an all-time favorite cafe here in Palermo Hollywood. I love the colorful space, friendly staff, and Colombian coffee and pastries. 

What I love about it:

  • Friendly staff
  • Stable internet
  • Bright space and great lighting 
  • Great coffee (also available for purchase)
  • A delicious selection of fresh pastries and Colombian treats
  • Indoor and outdoor seating

Note- This is a smaller cafe so the best indoor table seating for working can fill up fast.

Location: Palermo Hollywood (Costa Rica 5722)

Vive Cafe Instagram

Vive Cafe Facebook

Internet speed test:

Vive Cafe Internet Speed Test

2.) Von Berry

I absolutely love this cafe for cranking out some deep work. I have memories of many days spent working and writing blog posts here back in 2019. It’s a mix of a cafe and a clothing store. The cozy ambiance and tranquil music playlists make it a great place for working, and it’s extremely remote worker-friendly.

What I love about it:

  • Table space for working
  • Cozy and relaxed ambiance
  • Availability of outlets for charging
  • Great coffee and food options
  • Curated music and playlists
  • Motivational decor

Added highlight- They have drinks, wine, and music on Wednesdays for happy hours at 6pm. 

Location: Palermo Hollywood (Fitz Roy 2192)

Von Berry Instagram

Von Berry Facebook

Internet speed test:

Von Berry internet speed test

3.) Cuervo Café

(Photos above credit to Cuervo cafe’s site here.)

Cuervo cafe is a great cafe to head to when you want to enjoy the sunshine and some of the best coffee in Buenos Aires. The avocado toast is also a personal favorite. This cafe is better for when you have a lighter workday as it’s not the ideal setup for working remotely. It’s well worth the coffee, which is why it’s making the list.

What I love about it:

  • Some of the best local coffee (also available for purchase)
  • Outdoor seating in the sunshine
  • Ambiance for working and networking

Note- It can be challenging to find seating at both locations since it’s a popular spot. The Hollywood location has more indoor space available to work.

Location: Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho (Costa Rica 5801, El Salvador 4580)

Cuervo Cafe Instagram

Cuervo Cafe Facebook

Cuero Cafe Website

4.) B-Fresh

B-Fresh is a health food store and cafe in Palermo Chico. After entering the store, towards the back lies a beautiful cafe full of plants and natural light, and a back patio area. They offer a healthy menu with a variety of options suitable for different dietary restrictions – vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, etc., which change seasonally.

What I love about it:

  • General ambiance, plants, and lighting
  • Healthy food selection
  • Beautiful outdoor patio
  • Table space for working

Note- Wifi is not the strongest and can be a bit spotty at times.

Location: Palermo Chico (Av. Cerviño 3542)

B-Fresh Website

B-Fresh Instagram

Internet speed test:

Bfresh internet speed test

5.) Moshu Treehouse

This is a recent discovery I made in the Buenos Aires café scene. The architectural design will draw you in, and the indoor area has a cozy setup for getting work done over coffee and pastries.

What I love about it:

  • Unique design
  • Indoor seating and table space
  • Coffee and menu variety
  • Cozy ambiance for working

Location: Palermo Soho (Guatemala 4570)

Moshu Treehouse Instagram

Moshu Treehouse Facebook

Internet speed test:

Moshu Treehouse internet speed test

6.) FAUNA Café y Flora

As a lover of white walls and hanging plants, this Palermo Soho cafe is a dream. The ambiance is the selling point and the coffee is an added bonus. Their music playlist had me opening the Shazam app to find multiple songs.

What I love about it:

  • General vibe and hanging plants galore
  • Coffee selection
  • Great relaxing cafe music & playlists

Note – They serve coffee and a small variety of pastries. Due to its small space, seating can be limited.

Location: Palermo Soho (Malabia 1578)

Fauna Cafe y Flora Instagram

7.) Libros del Pasaje

Another Palermo Soho favorite of mine is Libros del Pasaje. This beautiful bookstore also includes a cafe and indoor seating area for reading or working towards the back. I love this bookstore’s quiet ambiance for writing or deep-focused work.

What I love about it:

  • Quiet ambiance for focus
  • Comfortable seating options
  • Coffee and food available
  • Stable wifi

Location: Palermo Soho (Thames 1762)

Libros del Pasaje Instagram

Libros del Pasaje Facebook

8.) Mulata Cafe de Especialidad

Sitting on the corner of Guatemala and Armenia, this Palermo Soho cafe is another great spot for working remotely with street views from the windows. Western Union is just across the street, so you can also keep an eye out for when the long lines calm before withdrawing money.”

What I love about it:

  • Stable wifi
  • Great flat whites/coffee
  • Generally a quiet ambiance for working
  • Close to Western Union to get money withdrawal done on the same trip

Note- It is a smaller cafe and the seating options can be limited. It does not have many outlets available so charge your devices before visiting.

Location: Palermo Soho (Guatemala 4602)

Mulata Cafe Instagram

Internet speed test:

9.) Surry Hills Coffee

This Australian cafe has a great window seat view of Buenos Aires city streets to enjoy a coffee while working remotely.

What I love about it:

  • Stable wifi
  • Window seating and street views
  • Fresh food options & variety (Recommendations: egg and bacon brioche, croissants)

Note – It’s best to come during the week as it can get busy and noisy on weekends. Sit at the larger table or window seating for best comfort when working from this cafe. The chairs at the smaller tables are not ideal for working.

Location: Palermo Soho (Jorge L. Borges 1842)
Surry Hills Coffee Instagram
Surry Hills Coffee Website

Internet speed test:

Surry Hills Coffee internet speed test

10.) Birkin Cafe

Birkin Cafe was one of my first Buenos Aires neighborhood cafes. Additionally, both cafe locations offer a great ambiance for working remotely or catching up with a friend for a coffee and cowork.

What I love about it:

  • Comfortable seating (great cushioned areas)
  • Beautiful street views
  • Lots of table space (indoor and outdoor)
  • Great cafe music/playlist
  • Great food and coffee!
  • Lots of outlets (including USB ports)

Note- It can get crowded and loud during lunch and weekends.

Location: República Árabe Siria 3061 and Nicaragua 6025
Birkin Website

11.) Casa Nueza

Casa Nueza is one of my most recent cafe discoveries here in Buenos Aires. I love the freshly baked goods, but what really sets this cafe apart is its charming ambiance. The cozy decor and soft lighting, create the perfect atmosphere for some focused work time.

What I love about it:

  • Calming cafe music
  • Delicious freshly baked goods
  • Coffee and food variety
  • Relaxed ambiance
  • Large table space great for working

Note- There are not many outlets so make sure your laptop is charged up! Also, the internet is not the strongest. The Gorriti location is best for working.

Location: Lavalleja 1373 and Gorriti 3679

Casa Nueza Instagram

I hope you enjoy exploring and working remotely from these cafes when traveling to Buenos Aires.

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